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Catering Published on Monday, 26 August 2013 04:10

When You searchThe Current flow like water flow through pipe. The Battery like water pump, pressing water in pipe through wire. Lets considers water travell about engine of the starter. To do the wheel, turn, him it is necessary specific amount of water. Water in pipe can be measured in two fetters, tension of the pressure and current Volume.

The Pipe is intended to be capable to deliver the sufficient water volume to do the wheel to turn when there is required pressure to control this through pipe. Now, set the gap up with small integer in this in the last part of pipe. The Measured tension of the pressure will same though current of the volume of water, getting through gap insufficient to do the wheel to turn. Allows return in engine of the starter. Our VOM measures the volts in engine but because of free for instance resistances of the communications, like gap in said example or corrosion current flow - not it is enough to become the engine.

In several events, the problem - in way backs on battery and not with supply of the current in engine of the starter. The Faulty machine earth for instance. When You search for the reason determined electric problem, is recommended to use the earth of the machine, which You test for your VOM also. Vysheupomyanutye end can be successfully attached to practically any electric device.

In 90% events, the problem - with corroded or free communication. You Bear in mind current flow and You will be capable to correct the most electric problems, which You face.

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